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27 Amazing Asian American Instagram Influencers to Connect With Today

With everything happening in the US lately, you may be looking to support some Asian American Instagram influencers. Here’s some of the best Asian American influencers.

As behalf of all Asian American Instagram influencers online, I just want to say thank you for searching online for us. What’s been going on in America has been absolutely heartbreaking but it feels really good to know that so many people care and want to support us.

Below are a list of Asian American Instagram influencers of all ethnicities. It goes to show that we are not a monolith. We come from varying backgrounds, have so many different interests and really put our best selves out there to help others shine as individuals.

Check out these amazing Asian influencers for tops tips on fashion, travel, food, health and more.

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About the Curator of this Asian American Instagram Influencers List

Hi, I’m Sarah Chetrit, and I’m Korean!

Both my parents moved from South Korea to New York City in the late 70s, which is where my brother, sister and I were all born.

They sadly both passed away by the time I was 10 years old; leaving my brother, 18, sister, 14 and me to raise ourselves. At this time, we were living in a largely white town an hour outside of New York City. Because of where we lived, but more so, the passing of our parents, I lost a lot of my Korean heritage.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve had to proactively connect with my rich heritage, which I’ve done overall through travel and food. Traveling to South Korea really opened my eyes on how hard it must’ve been for my parents to immigrate to the US, why my grandma does peculiar things like hang plastic bags all over her kitchen and what habits were passed onto me because of growing up in times of war.

I’ve also traveled to Thailand and Vietnam and hope to visit Japan and more Asian countries to experience all the diverse cultures.

Connecting through food is something I can do more habitually (than travel). It not only brings me closer to my Korean culture but it also helps me stay in touch with my mom who I haven’t seen in 23 years.

She absolutely loved cooking. I don’t know how but as a single mother of three children, my mom used to host dinner parties often with over 20 guests at a time. Digging deeper into my roots through food keeps her presence alive.

I’ve spent a large part of my life sharing the racism and sexism as I experience as an Asian woman only to be dismissed or compared to the plight of Black Americans. With the rise of Asian hate crimes in 2020 culminating to the point of no return for many Asians and their families, I will no longer allow myself to be silenced.

I will no longer allow Asian and Black Americans to be compared to benefit the majority society’s narrative. We are stronger together than divided.

I want to be part in creating a world where my children won’t have to go through the things that my siblings and I had to.

I am grateful to have various social platforms and blogs where I can speak up about my experiences to help break down the model minority myth and help people understand the objectification of Asian females.

With this list of Asian American Instagram influencers, I hope to share the voices of all different Asian ethnicities to show that we are not a monolith.

I hope you find a couple of Asian influencers in this list to not only follow but to connect with at a deeper level of shared life experiences.

Thanks so much for reading through this intro and being proactive about supporting us!

xo, Sarah

@sarchetrit | travel, food + social tips

Hi, I’m Sarah Chetrit. I’m a Korean blogger who not only posts about:

  • the 27 countries I’ve been to,
  • practical tips on how to make Korean food daily (i.e. 5 ways to use gochujang),
  • and SEO and social media tips

but also shares personal stories from my life growing up as an orphan on welfare, putting myself through school and navigating white society as a Korean-American.

Tbh, some days I might make you cry with my heartfelt stories… but on most days, you’ll be inspired to cook, travel and create a comfortable work-from-home lifestyle through blogging and social media.

Check out @sarchetrit if you like to make Korean food at home, travel or get social media tips. DM me and let me know you came from this post!

PS On my blog, I have a free blogging course and an SEO course for bloggers.

@savewithskim | coupon + budget

Meet my older sister, Sylvia! She’s a Korean instagrammer who mainly posts about the best deals you can find online and in stores.

She is a mom of three kids ages 10, 5 and 1. When she’s not juggling mom duties and finding the best deals for her followers, you can find her in the kitchen eating Korean food, which she shares on her feed as well.

Check out @savewithskim if you like to save money. DM her and let her know you came from this post!

@cefaan | anti-Asian hate crime reporter

Meet Cefaan Kim, my cousin and the first Korean American news reporter for ABC7 in New York City.

He’s not an influencer per se but I had to add him on this list because he’s at the forefront of #stopAAPIhate movement as he reports on every anti-Asian hate crime in New York City.

He is also the mediawatch co-chair of the Asian American Journalists Association, a US Army Reserve veteran and as his profile says, a #girldad.

Check out @cefaan to stay up-to-date about Asian-American news in New York City.

@atikhunk | fashion

Meet Atikun Kanjanakaset, one of the coolest male Asian fashion influencers in Los Angeles!

I first discovered Atikun via TikTok then connected over on Instagram. My favorite series of his is his outfits inspired by different animes such as One Piece and My Hero Academia.

Check out @atikunk if you like men’s fashion.

@dashofting | food + travel

Meet Tinger Hseih, a Taiwanese food influencer in Los Angeles. She promotes cultural diversity through food.

I first discovered Tinger on Instagram because of her amazing food tips, but after meeting her in person, I quickly learned how generous Tinger is.

With her 18 years of digital advertising and influencer marketing expertise, which led her to create her Dash of Media consultancy, she continually offers me sound advice for growing my social channels. I can’t thank her enough!

Check out @dashofting if you like to travel and eat.

@girlandtheword | faith, family + home decor

Meet Anh Lin, a Vietnamse-Cantonese Christian lifestyle and home decor Instagrammer in Los Angeles.

I first discovered her in 2018 when I noticed her pretty peachy editing style, but even better, that she donates 10% of the proceeds to help the homeless in Los Angeles.

Over the past few years, her account has blown up and for good reason. She writes positive faith-based captions to motivate both her Christian and non-Christian followers to stay positive and shares fun and inspiring home decor videos.

You don’t need to be Christian to connect with Anh’s positive messages. Check out @girlandtheword for words of faith and home decor.

Pro Tip: Networking with influencers in your niche is one part of learning how to become an Instagram influencer that makes money.

@veggiekins | vegan recipes + holistic living

Meet Remy Morimoto Park, an Japanese-Korean-Taiwanese influencer in NYC who posts about all things vegan and holistic.

I first started following Remy over a year ago because of her balanced approach to eating healthy as well as her bright and fun aesthetic.

Check out @veggiekins if you love good veggie eats and holistic living.

@wendyslookbook | fashion + juvenile justice

Meet Wendy Nyugen, an all-star Asian American fashion blogger in NYC.

Her colorful feed is full of amazing fashion fits, but what makes her stand out is her work in the non-profit world. She said, “Before blogging, before IG… I was first and always will be a foster care and juvenile justice advocate” (See full IG post here).

Since I was orphaned at the age of 10 and aspire to foster/adopt, she is an inspiring role model to look up to with her continued work as the board member of InsideOUT Writers and voice of fostered youth.

The mission of InsideOUT Writers is to reduce the juvenile recidivism rate by providing a range of services that evolves to meet the needs of currently and formerly incarcerated youth and young adults.

Using creative writing as a catalyst for personal transformation, these young people are empowered with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully re-integrate into our communities, becoming advocates for their future.

Insideout writers

Check out @wendyslookbook if you love fashion.

@babychickpeaches | reiki, healing + art

Meet Peaches, a Korean Instagrammer from New York City.

She posts the most beautiful and soul searching posts about the human experience. Deeply into reiki, healing and aligning herself with the vibrations of Mother Earth, she is a form of art herself.

Fun Fact: She’s my cousin and I couldn’t help hype her up! She’s also a master microblading artist, and her studio is where I got microblading in NYC.

Check out @babychickpeaches for all things poetic.

@emmasedition | lifestyle + content creating tips

Meet Emma, a Filipino fashion and lifestyle Instagrammer in Seattle!

I started following Emma about a year or two ago and go to her to get the best content creating tips. The thing I love most about her is her positivity and kindness. She shares tips in a way like your BFF would; only with the intention of helping you and never to make you feel like you are not doing enough.

Check out @emmasedition if you like to travel and eat.

@nikitadragun | beauty

Meet Nikita Dragun, a Vietnamese-Mexican transgender woman.

Her content exudes all things beauty, but what drew me to her was her openness in sharing her transition from male to female.

Plus, I love her confidence and ability to show up when it counts. The CMO of L Brands made a remark that trans women could not be in the Victoria Secret’s Fashion Show because “the show is a fantasy”. Nikita responded to this with the most fantastical photos of her in lingerie that full on showed that yes, trans women can be a fantasy.

Check out @nikitadragun if you love beauty.

@alessa | skincare + beauty

Meet Alessa, a Japanese, Hawaiian, White and Chinese skincare and beauty creator.

I first discovered Alessa’s super helpful, calm and positive skincare videos on Tiktok and connected with her over the fact that we both used to work in corporate then moved onto content creating.

I love that she never forgets to remind her audience that we can’t compare ourselves to someone else’s highlight reels, filters and edits.

Check out @alessa if you love skincare and beauty.

@ohtruth | children’s book + comics illustrator

Meet Ruth Chan! Originally from Canada with some time spent in China and Hong Kong, she’s spent her entire adult life in Brooklyn, NY.

I first discovered her on Instagram with the rise of anti-Asian crimes, and WOAH, if you’re looking to connect with someone on similar experiences of growing up as an Asian-American/Canadian, then check out Ruth’s cartoons.

Did I say cartoons? Yes! Ruth is an awesome children’s book and comics illustrator and shares her stories in an easy-to-digest manner.

I’m 33 and pretty much until this year, I felt so alone, thinking my Korean heritage and experiences had been buried along with my parents. But through Ruth’s cartoons and other Asian-Americans’ stories, I realize that what I went through as a child is quite universal with Asian-Americans/Canadians. Even with them sharing experiences with parents and my unique life without parents, I’m learning that I am not alone.

Check out @ohtruth if you want to read cute cartoons that you just GET.

@nabela | lifestyle + beauty

Meet Nabela Noor! She’s a plus sized Bangladeshi influencer and CEO and Founder of Zeba, a self-love brand and movement rooted in body celebration.

I first discovered her on TikTok because of her “Pockets of Peace” videos where she aimed to bring a pocket of peace into her followers’ lives, including mine, amidst all the chaos and burden of quarantine.

She invites her followers to celebrate their body and spirit daily and her energy is truly contagious.

Check out @nabela if you want Pockets of Peace and to redefine beauty.

@cynthia_gouw | modeling and posing tips

Meet Cynthia Gouw, a Chinese Instagrammer in San Francisco.

What amazes me about Cynthia (besides the fact that she’s 57 and flawless) is that she has been the Asian female representation we all needed on TV since the 80s. Check out her imbd.

She has over 40 years of skincare and modeling experience, which she uses to help genzennials stay youthful and pose professionally.

Check out @cynthia_gouw if you want modeling, posing, confidence and beauty tips.

@tourdelust | travel + photo editing tips

Meet Christine Tran Ferguson, a Vietnamese and Chinese influencer in New York City.

Formerly in corporate, she quit her job to travel the world and create content, which is when and how I met her! We both quit corporate and entered the content creating sphere around the same time. Shortly after we met online and have even traveled around Scotland together for Instagram photos.

Not only does she share the best travel tips, Christine also posts tips on creating content and staying creative, especially during quarantine.

Check out @tourdelust if you love to travel and want content creating tips!

@ellenvlora | fashion + beauty

Ellen Lora is one of the top Asian influencers in Los Angeles.

She posts aesthetic images of her life in LA, and of course, her chic and urbane fashion sense. Recently she’s shared the story of her Korean parents’ immigration journey.

Check out @ellenvlora if you love fashion.

@thehonestshruth | womanhood + motherhood

Meet Shruthi, an Indian Instagram influencer who shares honest moments of motherhood and womanhood.

She’s also a board member of Invisible Girl Project, which sheds a light “on the atrocity of female gendercide in India, combatting it, and caring for its survivors”.

Check out @thehonestshruth if you want to vibe on mother/womanhood.

@ryanalexh | Black and Asian advocacy

Meet Ryan Alexander Holmes, a Chinese, Taiwanese and African American Instagrammer.

His page is all about fully embracing his mixed African American Asian identity through humor and poignant story telling. He is living, breathing Asian and Black solidarity.

Check out @ryanalexh for Black and Asian advocacy.

@humminglion | travel photographer

Henry Wu is a Taiwanese travel photographer based in San Francisco.

He captures vivid imagery of the city he lives in as well as all the places he explores around the world! My favorite photos of his are from Burning Man.

Check out @humminglion if you like to travel.

@nextwithnita | lifestyle

Meet Nita Mann, an Indian lifestyle blogger.

She posts about all things family, motherhood, fashion and lifestyle, but what wows me is that she’s a law school graduate turned blogger!

Check out @nextwithnita if you love fashion and want a peek into motherhood.

@sulheejessica | bento box ideas

Meet Jessica Woo, a Korean, Hawaiian and Chinese Instagrammer and bento box queen.

I first discovered her on TikTok because of the amazing bento boxes with positive notes that she makes for her children then became an Instagram follower because of her positive and tasty content.

Check out @sulheejessica if you love to eat.

@milktpapi | food

Meet Newt, a food influencer who made it big on TikTok and brought his audience over with him to Instagram.

Newt a certified professional home chef who can make you salivate over dish he makes. What I love about him is that:

  • he has probably made so many food bloggers’ recipes go viral with everyone who wanted to cook what he made and
  • all of his extraordinary cooking was done in the small kitchen of a mobile home.

He’s worked super hard and has moved from his mobile home to an apartment with lots of counter space! So happy for him.

This goes to show that you can and should always start with what you have. It can bring you so far.

Check out @milktpapi if you love to eat and/or watch really entertaining food videos.

@bellapoarch | lifestyle

Meet Bella Poarch, a Filipino Instagrammer who first got big on TikTok.

Besides posting entertaining videos and fun cosplay fits, she also opens up and shares about her depression and time in the Navy. I personally connected with her because of how sweet she is!

Check out @bellapoarch if you love entertaining videos and cosplay.

@sharontseung | finance

Meet Sharon Tseung, a Chinese influencer who chats all things finance related.

Her goal is to bring you on her path towards financial freedom. She openly shares her journey towards 9 rental units and 8+ passive income streams through her site, Digital Nomad Quest, and YouTube.

As far as her online persona, she is super chill and down-to-earth; ready to help with no BS.

Check out @sharontseung for financial freedom.

@thenavarose | fashion

Meet Nava Rose, an Asian American influencer in Los Angeles.

Between her amazing fits, including DIY ones, and fun videos with the cleanest transitions, she is no doubt one of the fashion niches’ fave TikTokkers and Instagrammers. She’s even become one of Ellen DeGeneres’ fave, which helped her land her own series on Ellen Tube, Nava on the Fly.

Check out @thenavarose if you love fashion.

@yayayoung | skincare

Meet Young Yuh, a male skincare influencer.

Young is at the forefront of destigmatizing skincare for men and shares honest skincare product reviews.

Check out @yayayoung if want skincare tips.

Do you have any Asian American Instagram influencers that you absolutely love? Please comment below to share the wealth.

Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you even more for supporting us!
xo, Sarah

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