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Roadmap to Blogging Success


To be frank, starting a blog can be seemingly overwhelming.

BUT If you ever get overwhelmed, take a step back and remember that I have set up this blogging course so it goes exactly step-by-step for what you need to.

Just follow this roadmap below and take each challenge one day at a time.

Don’t worry about looking ahead at what you need to do.

Before you know it, you will have a blog with great money making potential at the end of these five days.

Trust the process. Trust yourself.

New to this challenge?

Did you somehow find your way to this roadmap before even learning about what this challenge is about?

Well, let’s get you started the right way.

Learn about this free blogging course here.


Say these affirmations out loud everyday before you begin each challenge.

I do this daily before starting my work day, and it makes a huge difference in how I tackle my blogging tasks for the day!

  • I create the life I want.
  • I have the courage to create a successful life.
  • I overcome work difficulties with ease.
  • I am becoming a better blogger with each passing day.
  • I trust myself and my abilities.

You can also read these affirmations anytime you need a break in the middle of a challenge day!

Now that you’ve read these affirmations, jump to one of these challenge days.

CHALLENGE DAY #1: Choosing a Profitable Niche and Name

On day one, you’ll learn:

  • what a niche is and why you should pick one,
  • how to choose a niche,
  • how to choose the name of your blog,
  • and how to save money buying a domain name the way that I recommend.

CHALLENGE DAY #2: Choosing a Profitable Blog Host and Platform

On day two, you’ll learn:

  • what blog host and platform you need to go with in order to make your blog profitable,
  • and how to set up your WordPress blog.

CHALLENGE DAY #3: Putting Together The Technical Pieces

On day three, you’ll learn:

  • what you need to look for in a theme,
  • how to set up Google Analytics the right way,
  • what plugins you need,
  • and how to set up legal pages on your blog to protect yourself!

CHALLENGE DAY #4: Writing Pages and Posts

On day four, you’ll learn:

  • what pages you need to have on your blog for your readers,
  • how to stay on track with a content plan,
  • how to write a blog post that people want to read,
  • and how to get people to read your blog posts!

CHALLENGE DAY #5: Making Money with Your Blog

On day five, you’ll learn:

  • the different ways you can make money with your blog,
  • what you need to start working with brands,
  • and how to avoid getting cheated out of your time by brands and guest bloggers.


If you’ve made it this far, then congratulations! It means you’ve completed all five days of this challenge and you are ready to be a BAMMer (remember from the intro that a BAMMer is someone who blogs AND makes money; a blogger is someone who just blogs).

This lesson will wrap up everything you learned from day one to five and also give you steps on how to use this information to keep growing your blog.

It’ll also be sharing what resources you can start to use and accumulate as your blog grows, and you start to make money to re-invest into your blog.


Remember that anytime you need help, you can ask me in my free blogging help group on Facebook.

Add a hashtag like #challengeday1 to your question so I know where you’re at.

Another way to get help is by asking me on TikTok by commenting on a related video, and I’ll reply with a video.

Either way, no question is too small or too much!


Know someone else who would want to go on this blogging journey with you, or perhaps you just want to spread the news about this free course that could help someone start their blog?

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