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Best Free Blogging Course for Bloggers [to Start a Blog in 5 Days]

This is a completely free blogging course in English that’ll get your blog set up so you can start blogging and making money!

Want to start a blog but feel overwhelmed? Don’t be!

Hi, I’m Sarah Chetrit! I’m going to help you start blogging the right way step-by-step in this free blogging course.

As someone who:

  • has had a travel and lifestyle blog for six years,
  • travels 30% of the year (all paid by her travel blog),
  • set up a blog for her sister as a birthday gift in 2019,
  • and started a new blog in 2020 in only 24 hours (crazy, right?),

I’m going to give you my personal know-how on how to set up a blog properly; properly meaning it’s going to be 100% set up the right way to make you money in the future!

You won’t be overwhelmed because you’ll get the exact steps I took to set up two of my money making blogs (three if you count my sister’s).

What You’ll Learn in This Free Blogging Course

In this free online blogging course, you’ll learn everything I wish I knew when I first started blogging but painstakingly had to figure out own my own through trial and error.

You get to skip that struggle and jump right into learning how to:

  • pick a profitable niche and how not to niche down too much or have too much of general niche,
  • decide on a blog name that’ll grow with you,
  • choose the right hosting plan for making money,
  • know which blog themes are the best for search engines and your readers,
  • learn which plugins and technicals aspects are a must when you start a blog,
  • figure out the basics of WordPress.org,
  • protect your blog legally,
  • write a captivating blog post that people want to read,
  • get shares on your blog posts,
  • learn the basics of making money with your blog,
  • and how to protect your valuable time from brands who will be offering you way too little for “exposure”.

So much good stuff right? Yes, this is all FREE in my course.

Grab it here.

Why I Created This Free Blogging Course

My Life Growing Up

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed helping and caring for people. If there’s one thing I wanted to do when I grew up, it was to take care of my mom when she got too old and weak to care of herself; but sadly, she passed away when I was a kid.

Nonetheless, despite all the challenges I’ve been faced with in life, I never let go of my innate desire to help people.

As a kid, I thought I’d grow up to be a social worker (since I was an orphan and wanted to help other orphans) or work with kids somehow. Then as a teenager, I found my passion for English, French and travel.

Going into college, which by the way I was super proud of because I was the first person in my family to go, I thought I was going to do do something creative or to help children. But realizing I would have a ton of loans when I got out of school, I quickly switched gears to Accounting.

I graduated in my business school as Magna Cum Laude and already had secured at job at the Big 4 firm in my junior year of college. My future was looking secure– full of healthy food, loans paid off and even extra money to travel.

I started my job as a Big 4 auditor, got my Certified Public Accountant license within a year and paid my school loans off within three years. But I was not happy at all.

Becoming a Blogger

I think it was mix of a high stress environment of my job; paying my school loans off so fast, which meant forgoing my personal health some months; not having dealt with my years of anxiety and depression; and doing work that didn’t align with my soul– my innate desire to really help people directly.

But within a year and a half of working in corporate, I got sciatica. This nerve pain spread all over my body, into my limbs and face, and later on got diagnosed as fibromyalgia. Years later, I’d also get diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Anyways, because I was too sick to even sick at my desk for 8+ hours a day. I left the Big 4 in search of a job that would better satisfy me and allow me to care for myself.

I switched to an accounting job at a trading firm. The hours were better and I could manage my health but I was still not happy having to tell someone I had doctors’ appointments.

I switched to being an executive assistant at strategy firm. and although I loved my job and everyone I worked with, I couldn’t handle the hours, and again, telling my boss I had to leave for doctors’ appointments. I really felt annoyed and bad for having to ask so much.

Finally, I decided to try blogging full-time.

I went into travel blogging because at the time, traveling was my true passion.

Why This Free Blogging Course

I quickly discovered how rewarding travel blogging from home was. Not only was I making money, but more importantly, I had time to take care of my health. I could sleep 10+ hours a night and go to all my doctors’ appointments (3x a week) without asking anyone.

I wasn’t making too much money at first, but in the state my health was in, it didn’t matter how much money I was making because I couldn’t spend it. I was stuck to the couch in pain anytime I wasn’t at the doctor’s.

Overtime, because of the time my travel blog gave me to focus on my health, I’ve been getting healthier.

Also as my travel blog grew, I started traveling more and have gone on press trips with tourism boards of Los Angeles USA; Calgary, Canada; Champagne, France; Aruba and more.

In 2019, I traveled over 100 days!

I owe a lot of my current life to blogging– my health, sanity and lifestyle. This is my way of passing on all the help and kindness that I got from the blogging community to you and anyone who feels stuck like I used to.

This free blogging course is for those who:

  • are unhappy with their corporate job,
  • literally killing themselves going to the office daily without hope for healing,
  • or simply want extra time to focus on what matters to them (i.e. health, travel, family).

It’s also for those who really need a lot of guidance because they understand that blogging is a lot of work.

When I started my blog, I had to scour the internet for actually good advice. I tried out a couple of really mediocre courses that costs way too much and went through years of trial and error.

I had so many “fails” that I learned from, and after it all, my blogs started flourishing and I will never have to compromise my health for a corporate job again.

With my travel and lifestyle blog, I was able to help people travel.

But with this free blogging course for bloggers, I feel like I can really help people change their lives, which goes back to my roots as a child– that desire to help people.

I hope this free blogging course helps you get started on a new path in life whether that’s to have a little income on the side or become a full-time job for you.

Start this FREE Five-Day Blogging Challenge Today

“How do I start a blog?” is one of the most frequently asked questions about blogging that I get. Well, the answer to that is really simple.

Take this online blogging course and I’ll hold your hand through every step.

It’s set up as a five-day challenge so you’ll be AMPED about getting your blog started in a clearcut timeline.

Get the free blogging course here.

Need intermediate to advanced blogging tips?

If you already have your blog set up and find this online blogging course to be too beginner for you, I have intermediate to advanced tips. I recommend starting with SEO to grow your blog.

You can also check out the latest blog posts and TikTok, or ask me anything in my free Facebook group.

If you know someone near-and-dear that would also like to take this free blogging course, then feel free to send this post to them. Thanks so much!


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