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7 Best Strategies to Increase Instagram Story Views in 2022

Learning how to get more story views on Instagram is easier than you think! Here are 7 effective strategies to increase your Instagram story views.

If you want to learn how to get more story views on Instagram, you have to think about it from a Instagram user’s perspective. This will help you answer some questions like:

  • Why do some Instagram stories get more views?
  • Why are my story views so low on Instagram?
  • How can I increase my Instagram story views strategically?

Getting a base understanding of what the point of Instagram stories is and why they exist will help you create a better Instagram story strategy for your particular account.

If you are not getting the views you want, do not panic. I’m here to show you how you can get more story views on Instagram. Using these easy tricks can dramatically increase your views in a matter of minutes.

Keep reading to learn the best Instagram story view tips I’ve personally tried and have helped increase my engagement on stories.

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What are Instagram stories?

Instagram says that, “Stories are a quick, easy way to share moments and experiences.”

For both brands and content creators, a story is like a brief snapshot of your product, service, or brand. 

They give a more personal and genuine way to tell a story beyond what’s on your feed.

What are Instagram story views?

Instagram story views are how many times your story has been viewed by followers.

The higher the number, the more people viewed them.

Why do Instagram story views matter?

Instagram story views matter because they tell a more personal or deeper story than what’s on your feed.

Those watching your Instagram stories tend to be superfans or followers who are better connected with your brand.

Since your most engaged audience is watching your stories, the more people watch them, the more opportunities you’ll have for conversion.

This is especially great if you run on a business on Instagram or want to become a paid influencer on Instagram.

Book Recommendation: Instagram stories is a great way to create Superfans. I recommmend reading Superfans by Pat Flynn to learn how to stand out, grow your tribe and build a successful business (or brand).

Why do some Instagram stories get more views?

Some Instagram stories get more views than others because of how engaging they are or how much value they provide. There is something in those stories that really connect with your audience.

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Why are my story views so low on Instagram?

Your Instagram story views might be low for a few reasons.

1. People might not even be seeing them because Instagram is not pushing them out to your followers. I address this issue with tip #1 below.

2. They might not be engaging enough or don’t provide value to your followers. Since they’re not holding people’s interests, Instagram is not pushing them out to people. I address this issue with tips #2, 3, 4, 6 & 7 below.

3. You might not be consistent enough. You only post on Instagram stories once a week so people don’t even realize they should be going to your Instagram stories to watch them.

Make it a habit to post 3-5x a day but if that’s too much, at least show up on consistent days such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

You can even plan your Instagram stories out in advance by using an Instagrammer like Planoly, which I’ve used for years.

4. You aren’t posting at the right time when your audience is online. I address this issue with tip #5 below.

How to Get More Story Views on Instagram in 2022

Now that we covered a few basic thing to know about Instagram stories, let’s jump into increasing your story views on Instagram.

These methods are how I was able to go from embarrassingly low numbers in the hundreds to 1000s to in the 2000s and even 3000s!

Ok I know these numbers are still kinda low compared to how many followers I have… but at least they did increase, which shows these strategies can be highly effective for you too.

#1 Remove Ghost Followers 

Ghost followers are usually those Instagram accounts without any activity from the owner. Either they are bots, fake followers or simply people on Instagram who followed you awhile ago but no longer see your posts, engage with them or even use Instagram.

Yes, these accounts dramatically boost your follower count but they can have detrimental effects to your engagement, especially on Instagram story views.

How Instagram works is that it shows your Instagram stories to a batch of people. If they watch your stories and are interested in them, Instagram will keep pushing your stories out to more people.

If you have ghost followers who do not see your stories or even engaged with them, Instagram will think that your stories are not worth pushing out even more.

As a result, removing ghost followers is an effective way to get more story views.

Learn how to remove Instagram ghost followers in this post.

#2 Quality Over Quantity 

You probably heard this phrase repeatedly, but this phrase particularly applies to your stories. 

You might think that you are performing well by posting many stories during the day, but how many of these stories offer quality insights to your viewers?

If your stories are nothing but fluff to your viewers, they will just skip right through it to more interesting stories. In the end, fluff will just damage your exposure even more. 

Try including more quality content instead of worrying about how many you post. Provide insights to your audience that will make them more knowledgeable about your niche.

Not only will this engage your audience, but it instills a level of trust with your brand.

Pro Tip: To instill even more trust, show your face, or if you’re a company, your employees’ faces. People connect better with other people.

#3 Use Videos 

Instagram published the latest article showing that videos receive more views than photos.

Let’s face it, people today are visual creatures. Instead of reading content through a picture, they would rather consume this content through a video. 

If you want to get more views, try including more videos in your stories. 

However, I want to reiterate the second strategy: quality over quantity.

Make sure that your videos provide meaningful insights that can establish your credibility to your audience. You can provide short hacks, debunk misconceptions, give a review, or advertise a product. 

The best part about videos is including a call-to-action prompt. You can prompt your viewers to your website, send a referral code, or encourage them to follow you for more of the same content. 

#4 Ask Questions with Polls 

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Instagram users want to feel included in your story. The more story features you use to engage with them will significantly increase the traffic in your Instagram stories.  

You can include a poll in your story where your followers can vote on a more favorable option. 

You do not need to overcomplicate your questions. You can ask simple questions like: 

  • How are you feeling today? 
  • Should I do this thing or that thing? 
  • Should I do an Instagram live session? 

If you get the hang of asking these questions on your story, you will find your stories getting more views from interested followers. 

Need help creating engaging Instagram stories? Get this template and pre-plan stories for the entire month.

#5 Find the Right Time to Post 

You may have the best stories on your account right now, but your audience might not be on Instagram at that time. Sometimes, the mistake is not getting the timing right. 

As your stories get older, newer stories will overlap yours, making it harder for your followers to find your content. 

When posting your stories, make sure that you are posting when most of your followers are online. You can subtly ask your fans when they are most active on Instagram, or you can look at your fanbase demographics to estimate the best time to post your content.

Once you find that sweet spot in the day, concentrate all your stories during this time. If you find the right time correctly, you could experience a significant increase in your Instagram story views. 

Pro Tip: You can go into your Instagram analytics and see when most of your followers are online. Test posting then first.

#6 Feature Your Comments 

If you have a large follower fanbase, you can feature some of the wonderful messages your fans sent you. Create a story that shows your fan’s message and your personal message to them. 

Once they see their Instagram accounts featured on your stories, these fans could also feature your feature story on their Instagram account. This strategy also serves as an indirect advertising strategy to bring more people to your Instagram story. 

As more fans find you featuring other people, they would start interacting with you in the hopes of seeing their names on your Instagram story. 

#7 Use Stickers

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We already showed that polls are a good strategy to increase engagement on your Instagram story. However, stickers allow your users to interact with you by placing their personal messages on your stories. 

There are many kinds of stickers on Instagram that you can use. However, the best sticker to get you the best engagement is the question sticker. By prompting a personal question, you allow your viewers to provide their personal answers. 

These responses will go right through your DMs, where you can respond to them directly or through your Instagram story. 

Overall, engagement is the key in learning how to get more story views on Instagram. It is not enough to place quality content on Instagram.

You need to make sure that your clients feel personally connected to you and your brand, and Instagram stories is a great place to do that.

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Sarah Chetrit

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