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Not Your Average SEO Course for Bloggers

(2 customer reviews)


You can learn more about the course here.

1. You will get lifetime access to a Teachable course and our Facebook community with the email you use during checkout.
2. This course heavily uses a $13.70/month keyword research tool (best value out there). If you are not willing to spend this for at least a few months, then it’s not a good idea to get this course.
3. If you find that the course is not advanced enough for you and you already implement the strategy, I will be happy to provide you a refund within 30 days of purchase.


Can’t wait to work with you closely to learn SEO and grow your blog together.




2 reviews for Not Your Average SEO Course for Bloggers

  1. Susan Ballinger

    I took Sarah’s course in the fall and thought I’d left a review back then! I just realized I don’t see a review! I am reviewing the course now because I moved my blog to WordPress/Siteground and it needed LOTS of SEO help! With Sarah’s guidance and assistance, while I was taking the course, my website viewer count doubled in December…. and as of mid-January, I already have a blog post showing up on page 2 of a Google Search and my viewer count has more than tripled! I never in a million years thought that would happen so soon! I’m not technologically savvy and can hit road blocks that cause serious meltdowns (and maybe a temper tantrum or two:) but Sarah’s course is absolutely phenomenal! She breaks down everything into step-by-step directions that are easy to understand and follow. She is practical with her advice based on years of blogging. And she has more knowledge about SEO than anyone I have met in the 10 months since I started my blog. If you want to learn about SEO for blogging from an expert, this is the course to take! She does not waste time on selling and self-promotion like many self-professed blog experts do and she is genuine in her desire to help others while also making an honest living doing what she loves!

  2. Jennifer Connarn

    I’ll start this review by saying very bluntly that this course changed the entire way I blog for the better. I only wish I started taking SEO seriously sooner in my blogging journey (and therefore took this course sooner) but I’m so happy to be starting now. I put SEO off for over 2 years and was overwhelmed/scared of everything I would eventually need to learn. Sarah breaks down a very large and complex topic into smaller, easier to digest pieces. You take the course at your own pace through a series of very organized modules. There are activities at the end of each module to apply what you’ve learned right on the spot. There’s also a Facebook group for everyone taking the course so you always have a support network for course questions or SEO advice in general which motivates me to engaged. The course also comes with several templates to help me stay organized with my content strategy and a checklist for SEO on my posts, so I know I don’t forget anything. The templates actually motivate me to write more than I used to now that I have a clear blogging strategy. Since finishing the course 3 months ago I’ve seen a steady increase in blog views and just this week saw 2 of my old blog posts that I went back and cleaned up for SEO are now ranking on the first page of Google for my keywords. Never in a million years did I think I would be ranking on Google let alone the first page. After 2 years of cranking out post after post with zero SEO strategy, wondering why my blog wasn’t growing, I am SO happy to have found this course! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my blog. Thank you again Sarah!

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