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Not Your Average SEO Course for Bloggers

This course is closed as of Sept. 2023.

If you’d like to reach more people, get more page views and ultimately, make more money with affiliate marketing and ad revenue, then this SEO course for bloggers is for you, especially if:

  • you are a blogger who wants another blogger with first-hand experience of SEO growth to break down the technical jargon of SEO in an understandable format,
  • you want an action-based course to be told exactly what you need to do on in what order to be able to rank higher in Google,
  • and you want support through PDF guides, Google Sheets and even hands-on help through a Facebook community.

SEO Course for Bloggers Review by Student, Susan Ballinger

“my website viewer count doubled in December…. and as of mid-January, I already have a blog post showing up on page 2 of a Google Search and my viewer count has more than tripled!”

This SEO course is for any blogger looking to reach more people, get more page views, and ultimately, reap the benefits of more traffic (i.e. ad revenue, affiliate income, recognition, etc.)

Here’s why you’ll want this course:

This is not your average SEO course. This is an SEO course specifically designed for bloggers with personal help, downloadable guides, worksheets, calendar tracking and even pitching templates.

Furthermore, I share my personal strategy specifically designed for bloggers who want to organically increase their page views, and in turn, increase their blog revenue.

Here’s what two of my students said only after completing two modules of this course!

Here’s what Susan said after finishing the course:

After finishing the course, Susan left a review saying “my website viewer count doubled in December…. and as of mid-January, I already have a blog post showing up on page 2 of a Google Search and my viewer count has more than tripled!”

You do need a blog for this course so if you don’t have one yet,
here’s my free blogging course guide. Learning SEO as soon as you start blogging is a must. It is great for both beginner and intermediate bloggers.

Let’s get real!

If you’re like me, up until my third year of blogging, you’ve been hustling and promoting your posts on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and even by the word-of-mouth. But at the end of the day, it feels like a constant struggle.

It’s like you can’t get a break from blogging and need to always be by your blog’s side if you want it to do well.

Well, I feel you.

Until my third year of blogging, I felt like I couldn’t step away from my blog. I worked on it 8-10 hours a day, which is NOT what I signed up for after quitting corporate.

That is, until I discovered this surefire way of marketing my blog, and NO…

It’s not a big secret at all. It’s SEO (search engine optimization).

In fact, SEO is something we’ve already heard of and have been told to get a grasp of over and over again.

But with all the technical information out there about SEO, specifically for businesses and e-commerce sites, it seems truly hard to understand what we as bloggers need to know.

Guess what though?

SEO for bloggers is not as hard as you think it is. In fact, you will be amazed at how easy it is when it’s broken down so clearly in blogging terms.

I repeat- SEO for bloggers does NOT have to be difficult and time-consuming. All you need is a clear understanding and action plan.

Before I give you that action plan though, let me tell you a little more about myself.

Hi, I’m Sarah Chetrit, the travel blogger behind www.fromlusttilldawn.com. Hi! That’s me ↴

seo course for bloggers

In 2019, through ad revenue and affiliate income alone,

I made $18,000.

That’s NOT including my brand sponsorships, and all of this was PASSIVE INCOME meaning work I had done in the past and completed was making me money without me actively chasing it.

Yup, an extra $1,500 a month to my bank account without me doing extra work than what I already put into my blog.

I don’t have to be on social media all the time promoting my blog posts. I don’t even have to write that many blog posts.

In my five years of blogging, I’ve only written on average 46 blog posts a year. I’ve written less than one blog post per week!

Despite not always posting to social media and not even writing that many blog posts, I can make an extra $1,500 a month because of SEO and the automatic, organic traffic that comes from search engines.

It wasn’t always this way though.

Before I learned how to get organic traffic from search engines, I was constantly pushing my blog out on the internet and working for those page views: making new Pins, posting to Facebook and marketing on Instagram.

I would even post my blog posts in TripAdvisor forums and my photos in Google Maps (what a waste of time).

I was constantly overwhelmed and unsure of what I was doing wrong. Fortunately…

I finally learned SEO.

And guess what? It wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Here’s what I did to grow my page views from Google 480% from 2017 to 2019.

  • I scoured the internet for information,
  • pieced together specific SEO findings relevant to bloggers,
  • created a strategy,
  • analyzed my results
  • adjusted my strategy,
  • and repeated this again and again.

I know my #1 mistake with blogging with was not learning SEO asap, and I want to help you not make the same mistake as me!

Imagine how learning SEO specifically for bloggers could change your blog and your life!

You could step away from your blog every so often and go on the real vacation you deserve, stop struggling to figure out why you’re not getting page views from social media, and of course, you could make more money with more traffic.

All with SEO!

Truthfully, creating an SEO blog as well as SEO blog posts can take weeks or months to learn and may take longer to grasp than social media marketing.

But the GOOD NEWS is that I will be optimizing your blog, and even better, teaching you how to do it yourself with you in my six-week SEO course for bloggers.

You don’t have to worry about trying to figure out how to do it on your own.

All you have to do is follow the clearly explained strategy that I’m going to give you.

Does that sound like something you want?If you’re interested, here’s what I’ve got for you. . . 

📚Not Your Average SEO Course for Bloggers📚

First, let me say this isn’t your average SEO course for bloggers.
Time is precious so there’s no B.S.

This course is full tried-and-true methods I use on my own two blogs.

Second, this course is designed specifically for bloggers and even more specifically, my blogger friends.

I’m done saying to them, “SEO SEO SEO You need to get on SEO. This is how many page views I have. This is how much money I’ve made.” Now I can actually say, “This is how you apply SEO to your blog.”

Again, time is precious, so we’ll skip all the technical jargon and leave that to the techies.

We’re going to go learn what bloggers specifically need to do to gain page views.

Here’s what you’re getting in my 📚SEO for Bloggers📚 course.

You will learn:

  • the key elements of SEO and how to make sure your entire site is search engine optimized,
  • keyword research that will allow you to rank in search engines,
  • competitive research so you can write better articles than your competitors,
  • my personal strategy for on-page SEO with a secret tip that’ll help your page rank faster, and
  • how to analyze your data to improve your strategy over time.

You will get:

  • lifetime access to Teachable,
  • personal help in our Facebook community,
  • downloadable guides and PDFs to use while researching and blogging,
  • updates with the course or of SEO industry changes,
  • and all my tools and tips on how to rank in Google.

Because I am offering personal help in our Facebook community, I am limiting the class size so I can really be available for everyone.

For this class, you will need:

Know that for this class you will need a subscription to Keysearch, which is the tool I use to do on-page SEO research and competitive analyses. It is a MUST if you want your blog to grow.

I’ll let you know when to get it to maximize the time with your plan and also give you a 20% off code (in the course).

As a bonus, there are two extra modules on:

  • How to get into ad networks that pay well (spoiler alert: avoid Google Adsense)
  • How to use SEO to make money with affiliate marketing plus best practices with affiliate marketing

SEO for bloggers is useless if you’re not going to be using it to make money right?

Because I love affiliate marketing, I will have a bonus module on the link between SEO and affiliate income. You will learn how to do keyword research specifically for affiliate marketing.

You will also get a bonus module on premium ad networks and how to get into those.

Grow your blog with me now!

Looking forward to helping you grow your blog!

xo, Sarah

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