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4 Key Benefits of Pinterest for Business

These 4 key benefits of Pinterest for business will help you decide if it’s a good social media platform for your brand.

The main benefits of Pinterest for business are that it can help your organic traffic and brand awareness grow, which can ultimately mean more money for your business.

To understand why it’s so good for business (and specifically see if it’s good for yours), let’s take a look at how it works and who uses it.

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What is Pinterest?

analytics showing the benefits of pinterest for business
stats in one week of me working with a brand’s new account

Pinterest is a social media platform where people upload pictures and photographs referred to as “pins” that are categorized under ideas.

With a total active user base of around 442 million people, it might not seem the most promising social media site to launch your business at first but there are a number of key reasons you should consider expanding to Pinterest. 

This post dives deeper into how Pinterest works.

4 Key Benefits of Pinterest for Business

1. A High Female Demographic


Pinterest statistics of Pinterest gender and age shows why Pinterest is good for business
screenshot from my Pinterest analytics

If your products are primarily aimed at women, especially millennial women of upper-middle-class background, then Pinterest can be a very lucrative online social media site to expand to because around 70% of users are women.

Additionally, Pinterest reports via a survey that over 40% of users have a reported household income of $100k+. 

So, if you do happen to seek young women of relatively wealthy backgrounds as a target demographic, Pinterest is uniquely well-positioned to fulfill those needs with respect to both considerations.

There are also some very unique advantages of marketing on Pinterest vs other social media sites. 

2. The Biggest Interests on Pinterest

Unlike most other social media sites where you can find a relatively large diversity of interests and topics, on Pinterest, there are only a handful of major interests that seem to dominate conversations. These topics mostly being food, cars, fashion and travel.

If your business relates to any of these topics, you can very easily market yourself on Pinterest and attract large numbers of users.

Even if your business isn’t directly related to any of the major topics listed, it’s still possible for you to associate your brand with those that do relate to these genres and generate a good deal of traffic to your site. 

For example, even though travel is only 30% of the audience, this still brings me in 30,000 page views/month from Pinterest. Some of my travel blogger friends get 200,000+ page views/month from Pinterest!

In summary, don’t ignore the lower percentages! They can still bring in a good number of page views.

3. Active Marketplace 

Pinterest is similar to Instagram in the sense that both sites primarily involve photo-sharing and have a largely visual orientation, however, what makes Pinterest unique is that a very high proportion of users use the site just for planning purchases which is not true for, say, Instagram.

Pinterest itself reports that nearly 93% of users have used the site at least once with the intention of planning a purchase. Nearly 77% Pinterest users have stated that they have discovered a new product or brand while browsing Pinterest.

That is an extremely high statistic and one that makes it a uniquely advantageous site for you to conduct your marketing in. With such a high proportion of people looking for how to influence their sales, a well-planned marketing strategy online could potentially generate a lot of business for you. 

4. Search Engine

search function | screenshot from one of my three Pinterest accounts

Unlike Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, content that gets put into Pinterest (also known as Pins) stay there forever. They are evergreen meaning they are searchable a few months from now to a few years from now.

Basically, Pinterest is a search engine, which means unlike other social media platforms:

  • Your content is searchable and retrievable.
  • You don’t need followers to do well.
  • You can have a high reach even as a new account.

Learn How to Use Pinterest for Business or Work With Me

Once you get a hang of Pinterest, it’s not time consuming at all. You can get good results with Pinterest with only 5-10 minutes a day on average.

If you want to learn how to use Pinterest for your business, check out this post on Pinterest tips.

If you don’t have time to start up your account and want me to teach you the strategy behind in Pinterest in an hour, then e-mail me (hello @ sarahchetrit.com). I’ll assess if Pinterest would be a good fit for your brand and share what I can do for you.

As you can see, Pinterest has a lot of potential for becoming the social media marketing site of your choice with its unique advantages in demography and organized visual appeal. Do you think it would be helpful for your brand?

Thanks for making it all the way down here. If you found this post on benefits of Pinterest for business to be helpful, please consider Pinning it, or if you need personal help with blogging, join my free Facebook community!

xo, Sarah

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Benefits of Pinterest for Business

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