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8 Best Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

To get organic traffic from Google, search engine optimizing your site is a must. Here’s 8 benefits of SEO for small businesses.

There are so many benefits of SEO for small businesses, but primarily, the best benefit of SEO is that you get organic traffic from Google.

Organic traffic means spending less money on ads and other marketing efforts.

Not only does SEO bring you in traffic, but more important for your customers and readers, you can provide them a better user experience, which can keep them on your site longer.

Let’s talk about all the benefits of SEO for small businesses.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

It’s the practice of improving your website so that it appears on search engines, while allows you to bring in organic traffic.

Best Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

benefits of SEO for small businesses

There are so many benefits of SEO for small businesses, especially if you don’t have a lot of money for ad spend. They range from getting more sales to improving your customer’s experience on your site.

Let’s talk about some of the best benefits of SEO for small businesses.

Gets You Noticed

There is no point in being online if nobody can’t find you, right?

What was once an option has become a necessity today. The internet is a big place and it’s quite easy for your website to get lost in this sea of web content.

But for this very reason, search engines like Google and Bing introduced SEO. 

By complying with some simple SEO guidelines, you can make your website stand out from the rest and get the recognition it deserves.

When you follow certain SEO guidelines, you are encouraging Google to push your ranks. Better rankings translate to better visibility, meaning SEO helps people find you.

Similarly, it also helps you to find the right audience needed to grow your business.

Improves User Experience

Google values user experience as much as it values good content. You might have the best content out there but if your site is slow and unresponsive, Google will not see it as relevant. 

A well-designed and responsive interface, on the other hand, entices visitors to stay longer and return to your site more frequently. As a matter of fact, such websites have higher chances of turning visitors into customers. 

Performing SEO on your website helps you to find existing issues (both technical and content-wise) that are holding it back. Moreover, certain SEO tools will also tell exactly what is wrong with your website and how to fix it.  

Provides Useful Insights 

One of the most substantial benefits of SEO is the data it provides. Using SEO you can find out what your visitors think about your content. 

There are SEO tools such as Google Analytics, which can provide you with detailed information on aspects like the following.

  • How much time do people spend on a certain page?
  • Which device do they use to visit your site?
  • Pages with highest and lowest traffic
  • The time where your readers are most active.

All this information combined can help you develop the perfect course of action. Not only that, it leaves you with so much room for experimentation since you will know exactly if your strategies worked or not.

Helps you Scale Up

As a small business, it could be very challenging to catch up with the big competitors in your industry. 

If you feel like you are stuck in terms of sales, visitors, and conversions, SEO could be of great help.

To take your business to the next level, you’ll need as much traffic as you can possibly get and SEO does just that.

When search engines see you as an accurate and relevant source of data, they promote it to more and more people, and by using strong SEO strategies, you can seize the opportunity to convert them into your loyal customers. 

Provides Timeless Results

You may not see instantaneous results with SEO but the wait is well worth it because SEO will give you a way longer shelf life than other content platforms.

For example, what you may have posted years ago can still drive you traffic as long as you regularly update it to keep its relevance, which is one of the most exciting benefits of SEO for small businesses.

For this very reason, SEO can be a great addition to your marketing efforts. It can connect you with a completely different audience than you would normally see on social media platforms. 

That being said, social media is still a great platform for marketing, and especially, building a community. You should try and strike a balance between both to achieve maximum reach.

Gives Great ROI

To get organic traffic from Google, search engine optimizing your site is a must. Here's 8 benefits of SEO for small businesses.

As a small business owner, you would not want to invest your money in practices that yield a low return on investment especially if you’re new to it all, right?

When combined with paid marketing campaigns, SEO (a very safe option) can dramatically increase your results.

For instance, paid campaigns show up at the topmost section of search engines, followed by the organically ranked website. Combining SEO and paid channels, you could rank your website twice on the same page next to one another.

You can imagine the impact it’ll have on the users. But that isn’t all!

You could also use the data from your paid campaigns to enhance organic SEO and vice-versa. 

Low Effort But Great Value

For the value SEO provides for both small and large businesses, it requires very minimal effort. For instance, something as simple as a blog can drive you massive results. 

Besides, with the tools available today, SEO can easily be automated. These tools can take care of every aspect of a website’s SEO.

You can use artificial intelligence to generate keyword-rich content, enhance load times and responsiveness and even answer user-queries. All that with just a few instructions.

Helps Establish Local Presence Too!

As a small business, it is crucial for you to have both a local and an international presence. I’ve already discussed how SEO helps you get international traffic but did you know SEO can help you expand locally too? This is one of the best benefits of local SEO for small businesses if your clientele is largely local.

Using the “Google My Business” tool, you can optimize your website to show up where you conduct business. Filling up your local information like your work timings, location and user reviews can aid you in attracting local customers. 

How to Implement SEO for Small Businesses

To get organic traffic from Google, search engine optimizing your site is a must. Here's 8 benefits of SEO for small businesses.

There are a few ways to optimize your website for search engines as a small business, which includes but not limited to:

  • Making sure your site is user-friendly
  • Including the right keywords on your pages
  • Add your business to Google My Listing
  • Write SEO blog posts to rank in Google

Writing SEO blog posts to rank in Google are especially helpful because you can provide useful information to your customer as well as bring in new people from the internet who might be looking for the exact solutions you offer.

If you like to take matters in your own hand and learn how to write SEO content here, but as a small business owner who probably wears too many hats and are on more of a budget, you can hire two people to help you.

If you have limited time and a larger budget, and more than anything, you don’t want to think at all, you can hire me to:

  • Create an SEO content strategy best fits your industry and website size
  • Write ranking SEO content that’ll link to your products
  • Publish the posts
  • Optimize already published pages/products

Email me (hello@sarahchetrit) to discuss packages, which start at $1,000/month.

Want to learn more? You can find more helpful blog posts here, get consistent page views to your blog with my SEO course, or follow me on social media to get daily tips:

Until next time,
Sarah Chetrit

Grow your blog the smart way with my SEO course here.

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8 Best Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

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