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4 Best Selfie Apps For iPhone

Looking for the best selfie apps for iPhone? Here are some great apps for you to test out and find the best option for you!

Over 80% of the people in the United States have taken a selfie and posted it on social media, which is why using the best selfie apps for iPhone can be crucial.

For most people, taking selfies and sharing them with friends is something they enjoy doing. If you want to ensure your selfies are professional quality, then you have to take advantage of the technology at your disposal.

Luckily, there are a number of mobile apps designed to make taking and editing selfies a breeze.

Are you looking for some of the best selfie apps for iPhone? If so, check out the list of great iPhone apps below and see which one works for you!

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Friends Using the Best Selfie Apps For iPhone (best beauty camera app for iphone | 	best selfie camera app for iphone | 	best face filter app iphone)

1. Facetune is one of the best beauty apps for iPhone.

If you are looking for an app that provides a seamless selfie editing experience, then Facetune is probably the best option.

When using this app, you can edit your pictures before uploading them to your favorite social media app. Facetune provides features that allow you to smooth your skin, illuminate dark eye circles and reshape your nose and chin.

You can also use this app to make your hair look better in selfies. Yup, you can even edit flyaway hairs with the Facetune app.

I use the Facetune Video app myself!

2. Use Everlook for fun enhancements.

Perhaps one of the most powerful selfie apps in the Apple universe is Everlook. With this app, you can basically remodel the way your face looks in a picture.

It’s one of the best selfie apps for iPhone because you can apply fun enhancements. For example, you can also apply facial hair, dress up hats/glasses and alter your eye color with this app.

This app uses face recognition technology to perform these edits. By using this technology, you can have fun while editing your selfies.

The free version of Everlook comes with countless features. However, if you want even more tools and the ability to completely alter your face in selfies, then you will need to look into their VIP subscription.

3. Give selfies a vintage or film vibe with the Tezza app.

The Tezza app is one of the best selfie apps for iPhone
Source: Tezza’s App Page on iPhone

Posting unique selfies on social media is a great way to get attention and build your social media following.

However, the average social media user sees countless selfies on the daily basis. If you want your selfies to stand out, then you need to use the Tezza app to edit your selfies.

It is not only one of the best selfie apps for iPhone but it’s an amazing editing app for photos and videos, created by the content queen herself @Tezza.

When using the Tezza app, you can give your selfies a vintage, aesthetic or film vibe.

Only a few options on the Tezza app are free but paying a subscription is totally worth it as there’s so many cool effects, Instagram story options and more.

I use it myself!

4. Hide Selfie Blemishes With the Help of AirBrush

Woman Using the Best Selfie Apps For iPhone (best beauty camera app for iphone | 	best selfie camera app for iphone | 	best face filter app iphone)

Most selfie enthusiasts rarely post a picture to social media without extensively editing it.

If you see tons of blemishes in a photo, then you will have the desire to fix them. If you want to make the process of removing blemishes from your selfies easier, then you need to download the AirBrush app on your iPhone.

This app provides users with a bevy of editing tools designed to improve skin glow, eye brightness and the appearance of a person’s hair in a selfie.

The AirBrush Black paid subscription comes with lots of features that the free version doesn’t offer. Once you see what these premium features can do, you will view the price you pay for this app as a good investment.

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Now that you know more about some of the best selfie apps for iPhone, it’s time to download a few.

Once you have some of these apps downloaded, you can figure out which one meets your needs the best. 

Let me know which of these apps you think is the best beauty camera app for iPhone!

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4 Best Selfie Apps For iPhone

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