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5 Tips to Build Confidence in Blogging

Need the confidence to blog? I’ve been blogging for five years and share my best tips on how to be confident enough to blog in both my YouTube video and this post. Watch or read these tips!

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If you lack the confidence to blog, I’m going to jump right into one of my favorite points which is that you can lack confidence while still building a great blog. Those two things aren’t mutually exclusive.

For example, I’ve been blogging now for five years. My face is all over the place, on TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest, but I still get imposter syndrome and anxiety about my line of work.

But the part of my brain that produces these anxiety inducing thoughts are not the same part of my brain that actually get my hands moving to type and to take photos. Don’t quote on me on the brain part. I’m not a scientist.

Now that you know you can be anxious and blog at the same time, let’s address the worries you might have about blogging and some advice that may help ease your lack of confidence.

I’m worried about what my friends and family will think about my blog.

Image of woman nervous about blogging | Lacking confidence to start a blog? Get my best tips from five years of blogging. Build confidence in blogging today.

If you are worried about your friends and family, know that you are not blogging for them. They do not pay for that roof over your head. They do not put the food on your table.

So it does not matter what they think at the end of the day because this is about you and the lifestyle that you want to create for yourself. They’re not the ones doing that for you.

Furthermore when it comes to blogging, your friends and family are not your target audience.

They might be but there are literally  hundreds and thousands and even millions of other people who are more likely to be your target audience. So let’s not care about your friends and family think.

Forget them. Don’t even tell them that you’re blogging until you’re comfortable with it. Let’s care about the readers you’re going to attract.

Will people even like my ideas?

Building that says "we like you too" to show that people will like your blogging ideas

A lot of people get worried that other people won’t like their ideas. But this old saying is so true. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

As unique as you are, there are actually a ton of other people who are as similarly unique as you. You just haven’t connected with them yet!

Imagine someone else who lives the way you do, who likes the same things as you, sees the world like you do. They are going to love your tips and insight. 

So this isn’t a question of Will other people like my ideas? It’s more a question of “How will I get people to hear my ideas”. Cause people will like them.

There are other people like you out there who will really benefit from the things you have to share with them.

How will I get people to hear my ideas?

Man working at his computer figuring out how to get people to read the information on his blog | Lacking confidence to start a blog? Get my best tips from five years of blogging. Build confidence in blogging today.

Getting people to hear your ideas really comes to learning the algorithm of Google and Pinterest.

Guaranteed that right now, there are people searching for exactly the things that you want to write about, and luckily, when you start blogging, these search engines are going to be the middle man that connects you to your reader.

It’s just a matter of getting to know the algorithm and working with it, which I do have blog posts and resources about, but we’re not going to jump into that right now. Let’s talk about it when you have your blog actually set up so we can take it step by step and not get overwhelmed.

How do I start a blog?

If you don’t know how to exactly start a blog, then don’t worry. I have a free blogging course for you!

It starts with shifting your mindset to know that you’re not just starting a blog as a hobby, but you’re starting a business. This is really important to start a blog with a more business-minded outlook.

The free blogging course also goes into:

  • picking a niche and domain name
  • how to sign up the right way so you don’t spend money unnecessarily
  • what plugins to install
  • which pages to write first
  • how to write your first blog post
  • and even how to make money from blogging.

Read and get answers to blogging FAQ most people have before starting a blog in this post.

How Your Confidence Will Increase As You Blog

Whether you choose a niche or write your first blog post, something else that’s going to increase your confidence is celebrating each small win. Yes, choosing your blog name is worthy of recognition. Writing a full draft of your first blog post is worthy of recognition.

When you celebrate small wins, baby steps along the way, it’ll make you feel good about what you’re doing, and that’s not only going to build your confidence and put you in a good mood, but that’s going to encourage you to do more, and when you do more of something, you become experienced in it. And when you become experienced in something, that’s when you really gain confidence.

Photo of woman cooking

So let’s take cooking for example. Say you’ve never cooked in your life. Someone gives you a recipe to make and on the first night you cook it, you have to invite your friends over to share your first cooked meal. Would you be confident in your cooking on day one?

No probably not.

But say you eat that same meal every single day for the rest of the year, and you invited your friends over on day 365 to eat it, would you be confident in your cooking?

Unless you were a truly awful cook, if you cooked that meal every single day for 365 days straight, I bet you would be exceptionally confident when serving that at the end of the year.

Same thing goes with blogging. The more experience you have it, the more confident you will become.

I can guarantee you that my first blog on day one was truly awful, and it took me a couple of years to feel really great about my blog. And fast forward five years when I first started, I feel confident enough to teach other people how to blog.

When your blog starts making money, you’re going to have a huge confidence boost there. When a reader email you and tells you how helpful your blog post was, another huge confidence boost.

Overall, I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll be able to blog.

You’ll gain confidence as you go, and when it comes to writing, taking photos, finding your voice. These things will come more naturally the more you blog.

Confidence is achievable as long as you put in the work.

If you need help building the habit of blogging, I suggest reading Atomic Habits by James Clear among other books for influencers and bloggers.

Like I said in the very beginning, blogging and not feeling confident is not mutually exclusive. You can feel anxious and still blog at the same time, and in fact, I encourage it.

Go ahead and start your blog. Create your future today.

xo, Sarah

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