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What is Pinterest Good For? (for Businesses and Bloggers)

What is Pinterest good for? In this post, you’ll find out the purpose of Pinterest and why you should use it as business or blogger in this post.

Whether you’re a business or blogger, you might wonder “What is Pinterest good for”? In short, it’s great to grow website traffic.

Pinterest is an image sharing and social media service that is specifically designed to enable the saving of pictures, brand images, website pages and blog posts.

From a user standpoint, you can get ideas, inspiration and educate yourself on many subject like beauty, home decor, travel and more. From a business or blogger standpoint, you can grow your website organically by contributing to these ideas, inspiration and educational content that Pinterest users seek out.

Keep reading to find out the purpose of Pinterest and how it can help you as a business or blogger.

Why choose Pinterest (as a business or blogger)?

If you're wondering "What is Pinterest good for?", today you'll find out the purpose of Pinterest and why you should use it as business or blogger.

Many people question, “What is Pinterest good for?” There are various reasons that should entice you to market your business or blog on Pinterest.

It is a fantastic platform that will help you introduce your business and blog to your whole new audience. This audience specifically goes on Pinterest specifically to buy new products, get ideas for projects, find inspiration for clothes, home or travel and learn about solutions to their problems.

Furthermore, Pinterest is not just a social media site. It is a search engine too. That means content on Pinterest lives longer than content on other social media sites.

Content on Pinterest generally is searchable and findable at least a year after you first post it.

Misconceptions about Pinterest

There are various misconceptions about Pinterest that need to be debunked. The universal element about Pinterest is that it is one of the most extensive website traffic drivers in the world.

It is among the fastest-growing websites in the world’s history. But apart from all this, there happen to be a few misconceptions that should be cleared;

  • Pinterest is full of female users (not true at all; however, female users are in abundance)
  • People will only pin food and wedding content (you can get others too, such as travel, clothing, fitness, home décor, and many more)
  • Our target audience is not on Pinterest (millions of users daily interact with Pinterest)
  • I don’t have time for another social media platform (you will once you see all the progress your brand is making from an abundance of website traffic)

All of these are normal misconceptions that even professionals struggle with. But these should not hold you back from using this website that can get you organic traffic.

Continue on to read how Pinterest can be helpful to you.

Pinterest converts more viewers into potential buyers.

If you're wondering "What is Pinterest good for?", today you'll find out the purpose of Pinterest and why you should use it as business or blogger.

The number of steps a brand has to go through from discovery of their product or services to the conversion is literally too much. Pinterest, on the other hand, makes it relatively easier for buyers to find the products they would like to purchase and for brands to reach their potential audience.

Because of this act of engaging your audience with elegant photos that deliver more aesthetics and information at a single glance, your victors are more likely to convert into leads or sales.

Many people turn to Pinterest for inspiration, and it is a pretty fun search engine that offers visual content rather than text, which is why the conversion rate is pretty decent here.

Read more benefits of Pinterest for businesses here.

Pins can get you more inbound links and grow organically.

The most exciting thing about Pinterest is the fact that each and every pin can include a link that leads back to its source, which in your case will lead back to your blog, of course.

This way, not only will you be increasing your overall traffic of the website, but more and more people will be exploring your blog niche and hopefully subscribing to your newsletter or converting to buyers.

The growth of businesses, brands, and blogging sites on Pinterest are simply over the top, which should provide you with enough inspiration to make a go for it.  

Learn basic Pinterest tips to get website traffic.

Pinterest is good for both businesses and bloggers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business or a blogger who is trying their very best to get their blog noticed among a large audience; Pinterest can help you out in this regard.

Pinterest is addictive and many people who use it claim that it happened overnight for them. They were browsing through some pins initially, which intrigued their passion and then suddenly they were knee deep in them.

This is a great thing for bloggers especially because you will likely find your potential audience here on Pinterest (if you’re in the right niche).

On the other hand, if you are a retailer or business owner, then your products’ chances of being seen or being explored by people are relatively high. 

The very fact that Pinterest is a visual interpreter of the information that is being fed separates it from the rest of the competition. Scanning through piles and piles of images is enjoyable and very rewarding at the same time, both for users and creators.

Integration with other social media or your site is relatively easy.

The first thing that you should know about Pinterest when you are going to start building a reputation for yourself is that it allows you to connect with other social media sites pretty easily.

The integration is not only fast-paced, but it is relatively easier as well. You can connect your Facebook, Twitter or even your blog with Pinterest.

When all of these accounts or sites get connected with your Pinterest, there is more potential to increase traffic because people from each and every end are interacting with your content.

If they find it engaging or visually appealing, then you can increase your customer engagement and connect with a whole new audience who you may have not captured on other social media.

Learn basic Pinterest tips to get website traffic.

As you can see Pinterest is good for both business owners and bloggers and can help you to get the organic traffic you’re looking for. The purpose of Pinterest for its users, which is to get inspired and become educated, will help your website traffic grow far more easily than without it.

Thanks for making it all the way down here. If you found this post to be helpful, please consider Pinning it, or if you need personal help with blogging, join my free Facebook community!

xo, Sarah

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