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Stan With Me, the Best Creator Store [Review + Tutorial of the Stan Creator Store]

Even though I have my own website and online store, I’ve found Stan With Me to be the best creator store so I switched to Stan. Here’s a review and tutorial of how to use the Stan creator store.

Having a creator store on TikTok and Instagram is a whole ‘nother game. You can easily lose possible social media customers if you have a multi-step purchasing process.

That’s why even though I’ve had my own website and WooCommerce shop on it for years, I switched my TikTok and Instagram bio links to my Stan creator store, which makes the check out process is really easy for your potential buyers. This makes conversions go way, way up.

Besides an easier checkout process for your followers, the Stan store has about everything you need to make money from your social media without relying on sponsorships or affiliate marketing! Think a calendar for appointments, funnels and way more.

Keep reading as I walk you through all the benefits of this awesome creator store, but if you’re already convinced, you can sign up for Stan here.

Note: I stan Stan! This post is written from my personal experience and I dropped my referral link (that’s available to anyone using Stan) in case you want to sign up for this amazing creator store.

What is a Stan Creator Store?

Screenshot of Sarah Chetrit's Stan creator store

The Stan creator store is a digital store that you can place in your link in bio to monetize your content.

In your creator store, you can:

  • create calendar bookings to charge for things like consulting, coaching or one-on-one time with followers,
  • sell digital products,
  • build your email list,
  • create funnels to upsell without being pushy,
  • and even place affiliate links.

In addition to the store itself, you get so much support from Stan, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Weekly creator tips to help you grow
  • Exclusive creator community access to network and learn from other creators
  • 1:1 creator strategy coaching call

Overall, the Stan creator store is the only tool you need as a creator to monetize your content and is a great way for TikTok and Instagram influencers to make money online even before working with brands.

Good to Know: The Stan creator store used to be known as Stan With Me because their website was at Stanwith.me. Now the Stan creator store is at Stan.store. As a result, you may hear creators refer to it as Stan With Me or the Stan store.

Best Features of the Stan Creator Store (My Stan With Me Review)

There are so many reasons to use the Stan store in your link in bio, but these are a few of my favorite features, which are all designed to make you money as fast as possible.

1-Tap Checkout for Conversions

This is the main reason I switched from having my own website in the link in bio to a Stan store link– the 1 tap checkout.

With Stan’s 1-tap checkout process, your pitch (aka the why someone should get Product or Service X from you) and the checkout button is all on one page making it super easy for someone to buy from you, increasing your conversions easily.

Before I had Stan, to get to my SEO course, you had to click through to the Teachable link, read a huge landing page, and go through a couple of steps on Teachable before actually checking out. I used to lose potential students like this because of how Teachable is set up.

Now with Stan’s 1-tap checkout process, I get much better conversion rates because my students don’t get distracted when checking out.

Sign up for Stan here.

Multiple Ways to Make Money

The Stan store offers so many ways to make money and it’s integrated right into its platform to make it super easy for you. With Stan, you can create these types of products and services:

  • Collect emails/applications
  • Book a time on your calendar, which I go into detail about below
  • eCourse
  • External link/URL
  • Sell a digital download
  • Personalized video response
  • Recurring membership
  • Stan affiliate link

It practically encourages you to discover new ways to make money as a creator!

Calendar Bookings for Consulting or Coaching

Stan creator store has calendar booking options for your followers.

Stan allows you to easily set up a calendar on your creator store for consulting, coaching or just some one-on-one time with your followers.

All you have to do is put in your availability, where you’d like to chat and even if you want to have time before/after each meeting.

It even syncs with your Google calendar automatically!

For me, I always wanted to give out blogging/coaching advice but found the coordinating of calendars with my students to be really tedious. This made it so much easier for people to book me whenever it works for both of us.

Funnels for Upsells

Stan makes it really easy to create a funnel for upsells.

Basically, a funnel helps warm up potential customers and eases them into buying from you. It’s the idea that every sales begins with a larger number of potential customers (from your followers) with only a small number of them actually converting into sales.

For example, you might offer a free PDF or a $5 template, which a large number of followers may grab. Then afterwards, the funnel would redirect them to a high ticket offer, which is what really makes you money.

Only a smaller customer base will actually purchase this, but if you didn’t have the free PDF or inexpensive template offer, they might not have bought that high ticket offer at all.

I use this function to lead people from my free blogging course to my SEO course!

Drag and Drop Editor for No Stress

Creating checkout pages, calendars and funnels on a website or email marketing app can get really confusing, but with the Stan creator store, it’s quite easy.

A lot of their pages are one-page setups and have drag and drop functionality so you don’t need to know how to code, learn basic HTML, create multiple emails with conditions or really do anything except focus on what you’re good at.

Downside of the Stan Store

I’m not sure if this is a me only issue… but the only issue I have with the Stan store so far is that the monthly invoices don’t get sent to my email automatically. I need these invoices for my bookkeeping as one of my tax deductions.

I either email support to get them to resend it to me or I just take a screenshot of my credit card bill with the transaction.

The support team has been very responsive about sending me the invoice and getting this issue fixed for me… so fingers crossed it happens soon!

How do I use Stan With Me?

This is a dashboard with everything that easily guides you through the question, "How do I use Stan With Me"?

Even with its many functions, the Stan store is super easy to use.

When you first login, you’ll see how your site has been doing, how much money you make and so on.

On the left side, you’ll have access to your Store, Funnels, Appointments, Analytics, Integrations and more.

The Stan creator store has all these options to monetize your content as a creator.

To get your Store set up, simply click on My Store then add a Product. You can choose:

  • Collect emails/applications
  • Book a time on your calendar
  • eCourse
  • External link/URL
  • Sell a digital download
  • Personalized video response
  • Recurring membership
  • Stan affiliate link

Stan will guide you the rest of the way with what information you need to put into your product and any Integrations you might need to connect.

For example, I connect my Teachable course and Mailerlite account to Stan.

To create a Funnel, click on My Funnels and easily create a multiple step funnel easily.

Then once that’s done, copy and paste that link into External Link / URL in My Store.

How much can I make with a Stan store?

screenshot from the Stan store on how much money you can make with Stan
screenshot from Stan’s homepage

TikTok creators in all niches have made anywhere from $1,000/month (how much I make) to $41,666/month (how much @melefante6 makes). Yes, your money potential literally goes into the tens of thousands a month.

But of course that all depends on what your offerings are, how often you promote your Stan store and what you charge your customers.

Click play on these TikToks to see what creators are saying about their Stan store.

Sign up for Stan here.

How much is a Stan store?

You can try out the Stan store for free for 14 days! Get the free 14-day trial here.

After the 14 days are up, the Stan store costs $29/month, which includes:

  • Creator store value $99
  • Automated calendar invites and bookings value $12
  • Email list/newsletter builder value $29
  • Analytics on your audience value $29
  • Funnel builder value $97
  • Weekly creator tips to grow your audience value $19
  • Exclusive creator community access value $97
  • 1:1 creator strategy coaching value $997
    • Total Value $1,229 for $29/month or 14-day free trial

Because of the ease, functionality and support you get, the monthly fee is definitely worth all the benefits.

Try out Stan today for free!

If you need help brainstorming what to sell on your Stan With Me store for your niche, come leave a question on the Q+A button of my TikTok account. I’ll reply back with a video!

Want to learn more? You can find more helpful blog posts here, get consistent page views to your blog with my SEO course, or follow me on social media to get daily tips:

Until next time,
Sarah Chetrit

Grow your blog the smart way with my SEO course here.

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Stan With Me Review + Tutorial


Wednesday 7th of December 2022

Do you think there’s a benefit or use for having an additional website too? Or is the Stan Store enough? Do you find the overlap helpful or excessive at all?

Sarah Chetrit

Wednesday 3rd of May 2023

If you don't need a website then the Stan store is definitely good enough!

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