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Best Pinterest SEO Guide With 5 Ways to Find Pinterest Keywords

This complete guide to Pinterest keywords will tell you what Pinterest SEO is, what Pinterest keywords are, why you want to use them and how to use them.

Pinterest SEO is what helped me get my travel Pinterest account to 19,000 followers, 2 million monthly impressions and 30,000 page views/month to my blog. Finding the best Pinterest keywords for your niche is the most important foundation for results like this.

That’s because when you use Pinterest keywords in your profile and Pins, Pinterest will be able to understand what your Pin is about better and show it to the exact people who are looking for content that you’re posting!

If you want to learn how to grow your Pinterest with Pinterest SEO, read through this post. You’ll learn that Pinterest is more than just a social media platform and what that means for you as a blogger or business.

From my personal experience, you’ll discover how to look up Pinterest keywords with the best Pinterest keyword tool and strategically place them to help your Pins rank.

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What is Pinterest?

Most people know Pinterest as a social media site, but it’s much more than that.

Pinterest is a visual search engine, and the key words here are “search engine”.

Since Pinterest is a search engine, users can use the site to look up information just as they would on Google.

Unlike Google though, there’s a visual aspect of this search engine, which provides a unique experience of searching.

Because of the visual aspect of Pinterest, users can Pin images of kitchen inspiration, delicious recipes they want to make and OOTDs (outfit of the days).

Think of Pinterest like the best of Google and Instagram combined.

It’s an amazing discovery tool.

What is Pinterest SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Since Pinterest is not just a social site but also a visual search engine, you can optimize your Pins so that they show up in the Pinterest search engine.

Basically, if you do Pinterest SEO well, Pinterest will understand what your account, boards and Pins are about.

Then, when a Pinterest user searches for something they want, Pinterest will show your Pins to them since the Pinterest algorithm has already identified what your Pins are about.

Why is Pinterest SEO so important?

Learning Pinterest SEO is one of the most important Pinterest tips for beginners because no matter how beautiful your Pins are or how amazing your blog post is, if you don’t search engine optimize your Pins and profile, Pinterest’s algorithm may not be able to understand what your Pin is about, and as a result, may not show it to Pinterest users.

If your Pins are not being picked up by the Pinterest algorithm and shown to people, then you won’t get the click throughs to your website that you’re looking for.

Pinterest SEO will broaden the reach of your Pins so more people will see and interact with them.

What are Pinterest keywords?

Pinterest keywords are essentially the words that a user would type into the Pinterest search engine to find the information or inspiration they’re looking for.

Pinterest essentially:

  • “reads” these keywords in your Pinterest title and description,
  • matches them to what the user types into the search bar
  • and shows them to the user looking for the exact information you’re offering and they want.

Keywords are essential to working with Pinterest SEO and its algorithm.

What are the best keywords for my niche?

The best keywords for your niche depends on what you’re Pinning about and how big your account is.

You always want to use keywords that are relevant to your Pin (and ultimately your blog post and product) so that when a user clicks on your Pin into your website, they are getting the exact resource your Pin told them they were getting.

As for deciding which keywords to use for your account size, there are two types of keywords: short tail keywords and long tail keywords.

  • Short-tail keywords are the most commonly searched for keywords. They are usually one to two words maximum in length and are very broad. They are very competitive since so many users search for them.
  • Long-tail keywords are searched for less than short-tail keywords but they are more specific. As a result, they tend to three words or more. They are not as competitive since not as many people are searching for them.

For example, if someone wanted to get new kitchen inspiration on Pinterest, they could search for “Kitchen ideas” (short-tail).

However, if that person already knows they want a rustic, white kitchen, they could write “Rustic white kitchen ideas” into Pinterest (long-tail).

Not as many people are searching for “rustic white kitchen ideas” on Pinterest because it’s more specific, there are more targeted results.

If you have a smaller account or you have a very specific offering for the Pinterest user, I highly recommend using long tail keywords.

Want a mix of 100+ short tail and long tail keywords for your niche and a guide on how to use them? Hire me on Fiverr.

What is the best Pinterest keyword tool?

The best Pinterest keyword tool is actually right in Pinterest! You don’t need to use any other tool to find these keywords.

Between Pinterest’s ad creator, search bar and Trends tool, you won’t need any other Pinterest keyword tool to get the best keywords for your Pins.

Read on to learn how to find Pinterest keywords five different ways. Three are free and can be done right in Pinterest!

What are 5 ways to find Pinterest keywords?

In this section, I’ll teach you five different ways to find Pinterest keywords, which include but aren’t limited to:

  • hiring me for $5
  • using the Pinterest search bar
  • (pretend) creating a Pinterest ad
  • finding them in Pinterest trends
  • searching on Keysearch, a paid app

Hire Me to Find the Top Keywords in Your Niche

pinterest SEO

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As of July 2021, I have a new Pinterest keyword finder service on Fiverr for only $9.

I will look up the top 100 Pinterest keywords in your niche and give you a guide on exactly how to use them.

Your Pinterest keywords will come from the same research tactics I’ve used to get my account to 19k followers and 2m monthly impressions.

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Use the Pinterest Search Bar

best pinterest keyword tool
best pinterest keyword tool

The Pinterest search bar is the easiest and most basic way to find Pinterest keywords.

You might feel like this method of finding keywords on Pinterest is too easy for it to work effectively. But it is the best keyword finding tool for Pinterest because it’s the most organic step a user takes in order to find your Pins.

To use the Pinterest search bar for keywords, simply type in what your Pin will be about.

Then take note of either the keywords that Pinterest suggests in the search bar (first image above), or the more detailed search it suggests after clicking Enter (second image above).

Write these down, and use them when Pinning. Jump down to see how to use them.

(Pretend) Create a Pinterest Ad

how to find pinterest keywords

A more in depth and precise way to find keywords on Pinterest is to pretend you’re creating an ad.

Here’s how to get to this keyword section (image above) on desktop:

  • Click on Create in the top menu bar.
  • Click on Create ad.
  • Scroll down and click Continue.
  • Under Targeting Details, click Select next to Choose your own.
  • Go down to Keywords & Interests and expand it to see all menu options.
  • Click on Add keywords.
  • Type in the topic in which you’d like find keywords for.

At this point, you should get a list of keywords that people search in Pinterest.

Write these down, and use them when Pinning. Jump down to see how to use them.

Find Them in Pinterest Trends

A fun way to find keywords and also new idea for blog posts or Pinterest content is by using Pinterest Trends.

Here’s how to get to this keyword section (image above) on desktop:

  • Click on Analytics in the top menu bar.
  • Click on Trends
  • Scroll down and see what people are Pinning right now.

Write these down, and use them when Pinning. Jump down to see how to use them.

Search on Keysearch

I primarily use Keysearch for finding SEO keywords for my blog posts I want to rank on Google, but it also comes in handy in finding keywords for YouTube, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and of course, Pinterest!

You simply type in the target keywords that you want, and it’ll give you related search results on the right side along with monthly search volume and CPC, which is good if you’re advertising.

The Pinterest search bar, ad creator and Trends tool are all sufficient to find keywords for Pinterest, but if you need a tool for both Pinterest and blogging, I recommend Keysearch.

Read more about Keysearch here.

Where should I place these Pinterest keywords?

Knowing how to find keywords for Pinterest is probably the hardest part of learning SEO; knowing where to place these keywords is easy.


this shows why you need to get pinterest keywords to your name and bio

You should add keywords to both your name and your bio.

Not only will this signal to Pinterest what your account is about, but if someone is searching for people or boards on Pinterest to follow, your profile may come up in a list of people and boards to follow.

See the above example when I type in “travel tips”. All of these accounts that either have “travel tips” in their name or bio come up in my search results.


You can add a handful of keywords to a board description. That way, Pins within those board and the board itself is more likely to be shown to a user searching for what you Pin about.

For a solid board description, write 3-5 sentences describing what the board is about and use at least two keywords.

For example, for all my Pinterest travel group boards, since they are about specific continents, I add keywords about travel, the continents and also the countries within those continents.


The title and description of a Pin are the two most important places to put keywords. That way, Pinterest can match your Pin to the user who is looking for it.

Add a keyword or two the title and definitely had two or more keywords to the description. Make sure it sounds natural though!

You can also put keywords in the alt text, but keep in mind that this is for the visually impaired or blind so only use your keywords if it accurately describes the image.

If you’re making a video Pin, you can also use the keywords as Tags.

Learn how to post on Pinterest here.

Hope this helped you get jump started with Pinterest SEO. If you want the top 100 Pinterest keywords in your niche along with an easy-to-follow how to guide, book me on Fiverr to get both.

Learn all about selling on Fiverr here.

Want to learn more? You can find more helpful blog posts here, get consistent page views to your blog with my SEO course, or follow me on social media to get daily tips:

Until next time,
Sarah Chetrit

Grow your blog the smart way with my SEO course here.

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