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How to Make a YouTube Intro [3 Easy Ways]

If you want to learn how to make a YouTube intro, here’s three easy ways for you.

First impressions matter. In today’s age of constant content – you need to make your videos informative, funny, and as unique as possible. YouTube introductions have come a far way from the old openings in the early 2000’s, and if you don’t have an animated introduction – your videos will be lost in a sea of content, never to be found.

In this article, I will be talking about what a YouTube Intro animation is, why you absolutely need one, and how to create a YouTube intro for your very own videos.

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What is A YouTube Intro Animation?

YouTuber looking at his phone wondering how to make a YouTube intro

As the name suggests, a YouTube Introduction animation is an animation which is used to introduce your channel, your brand, and who you are. When you start creating YouTube content, you need to make sure that your animated introduction touches on these three things to really captivate your audience quickly.

Learning how to make a YouTube intro means knowing how long to make that captivating introduction. Your intro should about 10 seconds or less because people’s attention spans are not quite what they used to be.

That is why you need to have introduction animations because you can hook your audience’s attention – while also showing new viewers who you are and why you are special.

In 10 seconds and under, a good YouTube intro animation should tell your potential new follower why they should listen to you or trust you.

Why You Absolutely Need A YouTube Intro

As I have said earlier, people’s attention is swayed very easily nowadays. Because there is so much content, it’s hard to capture everyone’s attention but having an animated introduction certainly helps.

For many people, creating a simple introduction with their logo, some text and music is good enough for them.

However, having an animated introduction allows for you to have a more professional, engaging, and eye-catching video.

Videos are not meant to be still – and if you are not entertaining or filling the canvas that are your videos, your audience and newer viewers might lose interest and click on to another video, which is the last thing you want to have happen.

How to Make a Good YouTube Intro

The best part of creating a great YouTube Intro animation is that you do not need to dedicate a huge amount of time or money into making one. Learning how to make a YouTube intro involves making sure it:

  • introduces your channel, your brand, and who you are
  • is under 10 seconds.
  • has eye-catching and engaging visuals that align with your brand

Here are three easy ways you can make a good YouTube Intro animation.

1. Hire A (Reasonably Priced) Freelancer

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in running my content creating business is not hiring people early on (not learning SEO right away is another one of my bigger mistakes).

I was stubborn and thought that learning myself would be the most cost effective way to get something done, but I painstakingly slowly learned that I could’ve made more money by hiring someone to do work for me and focusing that time spent learning on creating content.

Freelancer at his computer talking to a client wondering how to make a YouTube intro

If making animated YouTube introductions is not going to be one of your main money making avenues, or if you’re a business and simply do not have the time (or the creativity) to make a stunning animated YouTube introduction, it might be time to let someone else handle the job.

Fiverr is a great place to hire experienced YouTube intro creators who specialize in knowing what grabs peoples’ attentions ASAP. They also have freelancers at varying price points to create an animated introduction that will fit the needs of your videos and your budget!

Tips for Working with a Freelancer

My best advice on working with someone on Fiverr, which I do all the time, is to take advantage of the search functions. Go to this page to find an experienced YouTube intro maker, and filter by:

  • service options (i.e. video file format you want, if you need background music, etc.)
  • seller details (i.e. are they top rated? where do they live?)
  • budget (i.e. how much money can you spend on this?)
  • delivery time (i.e. how fast do you want it?)

Then take a look at the freelancer’s portfolio, and look through samples of their work. You’ll quickly notice that you don’t have the same vision as some creators while others you do.

Choose one whose style resonates closely to your brand image.

Lastly, don’t forget to look at the reviews, which is the easiest part about finding a good freelancer. Reading reviews will help you know which ones have the best expertise to create an animated introduction that personally fits your video’s needs.

Once you select a YouTube intro freelancer to work with, to really get what you want, write out the imagery, style and music-type for your animated introduction and coordinate with your freelancer to create it.

Check out freelancers who specialize in making YouTube intros here.

FREELANCERS I RECOMMEND FOR a good youtube intro

If you’re having trouble finding freelancers or don’t have the time to sift through a bunch, here are a few with varying design styles.

For aesthetic and more feminine YouTube intros, check out this graphic designer with 96 five-star reviews. Her rate is less than $30*.

*Prices listed in this section are as of April 2021.

For simple, clear-cut YouTube intros for business, check out this graphic designer with 486 almost five-star reviews. Rates vary between $20-50.

For cute or cool animations as your YouTube intro, check out this graphic designer who makes simple and unique animations. They’re a top rated seller!

Discover more YouTube intro creators here.

2. Use Animaker

If you don’t want to hire a freelancer and would rather learn how to make a YouTube intro yourself, then try Animaker.

Animaker is a step-by-step YouTube Intro Animation app that is used by hundreds of Fortune 500 companies. Names such as Amazon, Disney and Nokia have all used Animaker to create their animated YouTube Introductions.

Using Animaker is actually how you can make a YouTube intro for free, although the free option does not allow you to remove the watermark. Only the paid plans allow you to remove the watermark.

You simply follow the steps on their website:

  1. Select A Template or Start from Scratch
  2. Customize the templates by adding animated assets from their library or from your own.
  3. Add music by choosing royalty-free music from Animaker’s library.
  4. Upload to YouTube directly, or download the introduction so you can splice it within your videos.

Animaker’s ease of use and simple process can allow for anyone to create a great animated YouTube Introduction.

With a bit of creativity and brand awareness, you can make a great animated intro that fits with the image you and your content are trying to make.

3. Make One on Canva

If you want something completely free, you can easily learn how to make a YouTube intro on Canva. Some of these graphics on Canva are free!

You have to think these YouTube intros a little bit though.

Canva YouTube intros to be more like 5-second moving graphics instead of a traditional YouTube intro animation.

To use Canva for your YouTube intro:

  1. Head to their site.
  2. Start a new YouTube size canvas.
  3. Search for YouTube intro in the Templates section.
  4. Select a template you’d like and customize it.
    • If you’re using the free Canva version, make sure to use a free Template or you will be charged.
    • Make sure to really customize it, or since it’s a template that many Canva users might use, especially the free one, your YouTube intro could look like someone else’s.

You might like my review on Canva Pro. Read it here.

Why Hire a Freelancer Instead of Use a Program

Women at her computer working on a project by someone who was wondering how to make a YouTube intro

As I mentioned before, unless I’m trying to become an expert in a field, I generally try to hand off one-off activities to a freelancer or a team member so I can use that time valuably to make more money in doing what I’m best. You might want to do the same to maximize your valuable time.

Also, programs like Animaker and Canva have monthly fees (for premium layouts and no watermarks) so it may be more cost effective to hire a freelancer who is more knowledgeable on good YouTube intros than you.

Lastly, using a freelancer will ensure that your YouTube intro animation is truly unique and custom to your brand and audience. You’ll be getting the expertise of someone who makes YouTube intro animations all day, every day for their work.

Skip learning how to make a YouTube intro. Check out expert YouTube intro animators here.

My Personal Experience with Fiverr Freelancers

I personally use Fiverr freelancers for a multitude of reasons. Through them, I’ve hired an Instagram story filter creator, blog writers, Instagram ghost followers auditor, a virtual assistant and a WordPress-specific assistant.

I’m usually the type to learn everything myself, which is what I did in the first three to four years of blogging, but in the past year, I’ve ramped up hiring freelancers from Fiverr. This has allowed my blog to grow even more while doing less work.

Now with more experience with hiring people for my blogging business, I would jump right to hiring an experienced YouTube intro creator instead of learning how to make a YouTube intro myself.

Like I said, before, since this is what they do for their job day in and day out, they know exactly what your audience wants in a YouTube intro.

Animated introductions are a must-have for your YouTube content. They are more engaging and professional than simple texts and images alongside music.

They create an extra aspect for your video that will help you get more viewers, while maintaining a higher level of prestige for your YouTube content.

Best of all – it is so easy to make your very own animated introductions for YouTube, and if you do not want to spend the time it takes to make one – you can simply find an expert freelancer to create the animated intro of your dreams.

Thanks for making it all the way to the end of this post about how to make a YouTube intro!

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Until next time,
Sarah Chetrit

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