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How to Create an Instagram Story Filter [2 Easy Ways: DIY or Hire]

I have four Instagram story filters on my IG feed. In this post, you’ll learn how to create your own Instagram story filter or who you can hire to make one for you.

Learning how to create an Instagram story filter is a must if you want to have your own filters on Instagram to use for yourself, connect with your audience or enhance branding.

Nonetheless, creating an ig story filter might not be the best use of your time when you have so much going on, which is how it was for me. As a result, I hired someone to make mine for me.

In this post, you’ll learn how to make your story filter or who I personally hired mine.

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What is an Instagram story filter?

An Instagram story filter is also known as an augmented reality (AR) filter. This AR filter computer-generated effect that is placed over your existing image or video and changes how you and/or your photo and video looks.

In Instagram stories, you would use the Instagram story filter while creating a story live in-app, or if you’re using Instagram’s standard filter, you could bring in a previously made photo or video and swipe left to add a filter on.

There are all type of story filters that range from adding something into your existing environment to playing games.

Reasons to Create an Instagram Story Filter

There are multiple reasons on why you would want to create an Instagram story filter:

  1. To make editing your stories faster for yourself
  2. For branding
  3. For marketing
  4. Just for fun

To Make Editing Stories Faster

I personally make Instagram story filters because it was really hard to use other creators’ filters since it looked awful on my tanner skin. As a result, I created story filters that work for BIPOC and doesn’t turn us orange or super tan.

Also, I made my stories to make editing stories faster. I liked certain filters in editing apps but it was too tedious to take photos, edit them in an app then post them to Instagram.

Instagram story filters made by Instagrammer Sarah Chetrit (@sarchetrit) for BIPOC
These are four Instagram filters made by @sarchetrit specifically for BIPOC. Try it out via @sarchetrit.
an Instagram story filter for BIPOC with sparkles and eyelashes
Subtle Sparkles is a clean makeup look that you can tap to add eyelashes on and has a light amount of sparkles everywhere. Try it out via @sarchetrit.

Now I can use my own story filters, and I can even record in Instagram stories and download to use in other apps like TikTok or Pinterest as well!

Check out my clean and bright story filters on my IG: @sarchetrit. Don’t forget to tap to add eyelashes!

For Branding

Instagram story filters is another way to continue branding into another area of Instagram. You can do things like add your logo or product photos to the Instagram story filter or make your filter have similar editing, style or mood as your photos, which creator Ty French does well.

Ty French's Instagram story filters on his Instagram profile that matches the presets that he sells
Ty French's Instagram story filter Kodak being used to take an Instagram story

Ty French sells his own presets and created Instagram story filters that match his Adobe Lightroom presets. Now his stories look just like his feed photos, and any of his followers, not just the ones with Adobe Lightroom desktop or mobile, can take photos and “edit” like him.

Check out Ty French’s film like story filters on his IG: @tyfrench.

For Marketing

If you use story filters right, you can increase sales by bringing your product to prospective consumers. This works great with products that people can wear and try out at home.

A couple of brands that used Instagram filters for product sales are Warby Parker who let you try on glasses before purchasing them online and Kylie Jenner who let you try on different lipstick shades. As of April 2021, I cannot find these specific filters on their feed. Recently Facebook had everyone update their filters with Spark AR Hub v100 so perhaps they didn’t update their filters.

Just for Fun

Of course you don’t always need a reason to make Instagram story filters. You can make them just for fun simply because you can.

When you have Instagram story filters that are really fun, you can actually go viral!

The likelihood from going viral from story filters is not as high as solid content itself but I’ve seen a couple of creators go viral such as Arno Partissimo who created the ‘Which Disney character am I?’ filter go viral since the filter got popular on TikTok. In one month, he gained 631,831 followers.

Good to Know: Going viral is not always the best thing. Arno went viral because those who wanted to use his story filter ended up following him.

But after that trend died, some of those who followed him for the story filter didn’t stick around for his content. He has been losing 10-25k followers a month since, which is definitely ok since he still has 575k followers as of April 2021 who do love his content.

Find the Best IG Story Filters Already Out There

Before we get into how to create your own story filter for Instagram, you might not even to create your own! Because there are so many filters on Instagram, chances are if you want a simply story filter, there’s one for you already out there and you don’t need to make one.

You just have to look for the right one for you and save it. Here’s how:

step 2 below
step 3 below
step 4 below
  1. On your feed or profile, tap the + in the top right to create a story.
  2. Refer to the first image above. When you’re creating a story, you’ll see all these story filters in the form of bubbles or circles at the bottom. The ones on the left side are story filters you’ve saved. The ones on the right ones are new ones you can discover. Swipe to the left to discover new ones and tap on them to try them out.
  3. Refer to the second image above. Once you tap on a new filter to try out, go ahead and use it. You can tap on the arrow on the very bottom to either (1) Save Effect or (2) Browse Effects.
    • If you save the effect, it’ll show up on the left side when you create a story (refer to image one above).
    • If you click on Browse Effects, you’ll see effects to choose from.
  4. Refer to the third image above. Once you click Browse Effects, you can browse through all different types of effects categorized as Selfie, Love, Moods, Surrounding, etc. Select one, and click Try It.
  5. Once you try an effect, click on the down arrow at the bottom to Save Effect if you like it!

How to Create an Instagram Story Filter – Step by Step Guide

You can either make an Instagram story filter yourself, or you can simply hire someone like I did! Jump down to see my Instagram story filter maker.

If you don’t know how to make it, you can follow the directions below and also learn from Facebook on how to become a Spark AR Creator.

  1. Download Spark AR Studio for Mac or Windows.
  2. Learn from Facebook’s Spark AR Creator free course to decide on an effect.
  3. Get started.
  4. Upload a 3D asset.
  5. Edit the behavior of the uploaded graphic.
  6. Test your effect.
  7. Publish your effect. See directions below how.

The above directions are paraphrased from this Hootsuite article.

How to Hire an Instagram Story Filter Creator like I Did

The more I’ve gotten into blogging and content creating and the more social channels I crafteate, I’ve started to learn that there are some things better off hiring someone vs. learning on your own. As much as I wanted to learn how to create my own Instagram story filters, I realized this was a good time to hire an IG filter maker.

At first, I asked around to see if any of my creator friends knew anyone who could make me a story filter. They did but their prices were crazy high.

Being kinda cheap, I hopped onto Fiverr to see if there were ig filter creators on there, and voila– there were! I messaged a few people, checked out their portfolio and decided to go with this seller.

4 BIPOC-skin friendly story filters via @sarchetrit
80s glam effect via @sarchetrit

After trying her out once, she has become my personal Instagram story filter maker as I’ve used her now four times! Not only do her filters have fun effects like the ability to tap for eyelashes, but she has made sure that I was fully happy before billing me. Plus she gets your filters to you quickly.

These are the filters that she’s made for me. To test them out, head to my feed @sarchetrit.

If you like how they all work, then go to Fiverr and hire her! She’s an absolute gem to work with.

How to Upload Your Instagram Story Filter to Facebook Spark AR Hub.

Whether you made a story filter or had an IG story maker create it for you, you’ll need to upload it to Facebook’s Spark AR Hub. Here’s how.

Screenshot of uploading story filter to Spark AR Hub, which is the last step in learning how to create an Instagram story filter
  1. Go to your Spark AR Hub. You may have to login or sign up.
  2. Click on Publish in the bottom left corner.
  3. In this form, you will:
    • Fill out necessary fields.
    • Upload your effect.
    • Capture a demo video and upload the video.*
    • Upload an icon.**
    • Fill out the instructions for the reviewer.***
  4. Hit Submit and wait for it to be reviewed!

*The purpose of the demo video is so that people can see a preview of your effect and how it’s used. You would see this on your Instagram profile or in the Browse Effects section.

**This 200 x 200 px icon is the little square that shows up when you are flipping through effects while creating an Instagram story and it’s also on the bottom left of your demo video in both your Instagram profile and Browse Effects section.

The icon is a representation of what your effect is about but you don’t need to focus so much on what to put there. Make one in Canva for free with a 200px x 200x template.

Screenshot of uploading story filter to Spark AR Hub, which is the last step in learning how to create an Instagram story filter

***The instructions for the reviewer are just helpful details on how your effect works. If you can do something special with yours like tap to add details or slide a slider up and down, this is where you can tell them.

I hope this post helps you in creating your own Instagram story filter. After you make it, DM it to me on Instagram so I can check it out! My username is @sarchetrit.

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xo, Sarah

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How to Create an Instagram Story Filter

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